[RULES] Arma 3 Exile

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[align=center]Server Rules[/align]

[align=center]English Only In Sidechat
No VOIP In Sidechat (Including Radio chat)

Do Not Kamikaze Into Bases

No Hacking, Exploiting, Duping Or Glitching, you will be perm banned!

Persistent Combat Loggers will be punished

Respect Players And Admins At All Times (This includes toxic language and racism)

> Traderzones are for TRADING! <
> Admin Decisions Are FINAL <

1.&nbsp; No Killing In Traderzones
2.&nbsp; No Destruction of vehicles in Traderzones (Meaning ALL types of vehicle inc. Airborne)
3.&nbsp; No ramming in Traderzones
4.&nbsp; Any vehicles left in Trader Zones before restart will UNLOCK, to prevent having sever lag!
5.&nbsp; No vehicles within the Main Trader Area (Airport Building)
6.&nbsp; You can steal all you want in trader and outside, this is a PVP server (No heli lifting OR towing of vehicles within the Traderzone)

Exile Server Building Rules:
-Minimum range to a Fuel Station 500m

-Minimum range to a spawn point = 1500m


-Minimum range to the trader city = 1500m

-Minimum range to ANY Military Buildings = 1000m

-Minimum range Large Industrial Buildings (Building Sites & Large Double Blue Door Buildings) = 500m

-Minimum range Hospitals Matter Again With The New First Aid Items = 750m

-No Building Over Tarmac Roads!
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